My Chosen Music

A Rocket to the Moon- Ever Enough (Official Music Video)

This music has a meaningful message and can be easily related by the listeners.

“Everything inside of me is living in your heartbeat.”

We may encounter many problems in our life. Remember that there will be someone that will support and help you in sickness and in health. That someone will be with you and love for who you are, forever and always.

Never ever forget to love unconditionally. Love faithfully. Let God be the center of your heart.


My Fantastic Journey

Hello there!
This is my first time creating a blog and it’s kinda weird, yeah.

By the way, Ma. Lizandra Belnas is the name! I’m turning 17 this July 18,2017.

This blog post tells everyone who I am inside and out. I had already mentioned my name, so… Let’s get it started!​

My life started when my mother gave birth to me. The one who gave me my name is my grandmother(in my mother’s side). She gave the name “Ma. Lizandra” and the nickname “Sunday”. I’m called “Sunday” because I took a lot of features from my father. His name is Domingo and when translated in English, it is “Sunday”. So that’s why…

I have many monikers. I’m sometimes called “DayDay” by my family. My friends called me “Lizzy”. “Sandra” is also my nickname. You can call me whatever you want.

My religion is Roman Catholic. And I’m a girl, okay. Also, I am a Filipino. I live in Negros Occidental, Philippines. And I’m single.

I’m a Grade 11 student now and my preferred strand is Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM).

This blog is one of the requirements on our ICT-Empowerment subject. That’s why I’m creating this blog.

So far, I had learned a lot from my preferred strand. I can cope up and understand the lessons well because I’m interested in it.

My hobbies are playing games, reading, studying, watching Korean dramas, chitchatting with some friends, and many more.

I also have many favorites, really. My favorite color is red, white and baby blue. Favorite bands/artists are Little Mix, A Rocket to the Moon, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and many more. My favorite foods are seafoods, chocolate, meat, chicken and few vegetables. My favorite pet is a dog. They’re cute!

I will end this here. I hope you had known me better!